Qatar Minister leaves for Cuba

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Sun Mar 30 12:13:10 MST 2003

(Read this and ask youself why the
US is so angry at the Qatar-based
Al-Jazeerah TV and internet news?)

The Peninsula
("Qatar's Leading English Daily")

Minister leaves for Cuba
Web posted at: 3/29/2003 2:33:40
Source ::: QNA

DOHA: Minister of Economy and Trade H E Sheikh
Hamad bin Faisal Al Thani and his accompanying
delegation left for Cuba on Thursday for a visit which
comes in reply to an invitation from Cuban Minister
of Foreign Investment and Cooperation Marta Lomas
Moralis to attend the first meeting of the Qatar-Cuba
joint committee due to open in the Cuban capital.

The joint committee was formed as per the Economic
and Trading Cooperation Accord, the two sides
concluded in Cuba recently. In a pre-departure
statement Sheikh Hamad bin Faisal said the visit
would concentrate on joint meetings within the
context of boosting aspects of cooperation.

During the visit, a minutes of the joint committee
and an accord for cultural cooperation between
the two countries were to be signed, the minister
said. The minister was seen off at Doha International
Airport by Cuban Ambassador Enrique Enriques and
a number of senior officials at the economy and trade

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