How to approach the troops?

viveka kaliyuga at
Sun Mar 30 14:06:38 MST 2003

Jeff wrote:
> My question is, and I think it has to do with Walter's question, how
> should we respond to questions like this when every attempt at
> unraveling the truth behind the actions of power is dismissed as being
> a 'conspiracy theory'?

That IS the question, though not exclusive to those in the military.

A couple of things come to mind.  Being in the military in the security of
West Pointe is quite different from being in Iraq right now.  How many Vets
went to Vietnam, ready to kick ass, came home disillusioned, and now live
out on the streets.  The closest people to me politically at work were in
the military.  One helped clean up the Highway of Death in Iraq, putting
bodies in plastic bags.  He is someone that could talk to your friend,
because he has credibility - those of us outside the military really don't.
That's why someone like Stan are so valuable.


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