Forwarded from Anthony (NYT)

David Quarter davidquarter at
Sun Mar 30 14:18:56 MST 2003

At this moment in history, particularly in the US, where
> there does not seem to be any basis to assume that the time for general
> uprising against the system is at hand, the only rational strategy for a
> revolutionary cause would have to be inclusive, rather than exclusive.
> The task of the revolutionary core is to win the masses and not to
> alienate the masses by associating the revoltuion with extremists tactics.

    I agree 100% -- and wish that more Marxists would embrace this
position. I would also like to see Marxists -- be they of the stalinist
or trotskyist variation, or however they identity with the movement --
form a common front in the present struggle to win over the minds
of the masses. We can worry about who will specifically lead the
revolutionary struggle after we have built up a significant movement.


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