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AP. 30 March 2003. Thousands march in Egypt against war in Iraq.

CAIRO and AMMAN -- Some 15,000 university students staged an anti-war
protest in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria Sunday, burning U.S.

British flags and calling for "holy war" to help the Iraqis.

"No to opening the Suez Canal to the enemies, salute to the Iraqi
steadfastness," said a statement issued by the Alexandria University
students and faxed to The Associated Press.

The Egyptian government has come under criticism at home for allowing
U.S. and British ships to cross the Suez Canal to take part in the war
against Iraq. Another three U.S. cruisers were crossing the strategic
waterway Sunday.

The protest was contained to the university campus, where students
burned American and British flags, demanded a boycott of goods from
both  countries and called for jihad "to deter the oppressive American

In the Nile Delta city of Mansoura, another 15,000 people, mainly
members of Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party, staged an anti-war

In Jordan, some 300 journalists marched in the capital Amman chanting
anti-war slogans and condemning the stance of some Arab governments
toward the war.

"Bush, be patient we will dig your grave" and "You evil Bush, Arab
leaders are spies" were among slogans chanted by the protesters.
Several hundreds students marched inside the University of Jordan,
calling for "holy war" against the "American and Zionist enemies" and
burning a U.S. flag.

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