the youth thing

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Sun Mar 30 18:46:37 MST 2003

It's something that perhaps many of we former
punks and hippies are failing to pick up on.

My hunch from limited info. (I'm in Japan and not
the US right now) is that youth of the US are
more against the war and the military than people
35 and older.

It's different in Japan, where the military,
although modern and expensive, is not a major
social force. Young people here have to strain to
think evil of the US and for the most part are
just not politically engaged , but older people
have memories of WWII and look at the bombing of
Iraq far differently. Still, like Spain and Italy
and even possibly the UK (the last poll there
looked pretty jingoistic), the majority of the
people are AGAINST the war, no matter what their
governments might say.

C Jannuzi

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