White House hard line against LA countries

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Mon Mar 31 06:04:15 MST 2003

Andres Oppenheimer's column on the White House's hard line against Latin
American countries that didn't support the US invasion.

The Miami Herald
Posted on Sun, Mar. 30, 2003

Andres Oppenheimer

U.S. giving Latin war foes cold shoulder

There is a fierce fight within the Bush administration over how the United
States should deal with neighboring countries that opposed the U.S. war on
Iraq. And the hard-liners are winning.

Judging from interviews with senior U.S. officials in recent days, the Bush
administration's level of annoyance is escalating with countries such as
Mexico and Chile, which have refused to support U.S.-backed resolutions at
the U.N. Security Council, or Canada, Argentina and Brazil, which have
opposed the war with various degrees of intensity.

At first, the official U.S. line -- both publicly and privately -- was that
there would be no retaliation against countries that did not support the
war. Washington would not give leaders of these countries the cold shoulder,
nor suddenly find previously undetected bugs in their countries' fruit
exports, officials said.

But now that the war is in full swing -- and Mexico is scheduled to take
over the chairmanship of the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday -- the
hard-liners within the Bush administration are taking their gloves off.
Countries that support Bush will be rewarded, and those that don't will get
the cold treatment, the hawks say.


The hard-liners, most of whom dwell in the White House, are pressing for
clear signals of U.S. displeasure with Mexico and Chile. The doves, mostly
located in the State Department, argue that any real or perceived U.S.
retaliation would do nothing but add fuel to worldwide assertions of U.S.
arrogance and imperial attitudes.

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