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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 31 06:32:07 MST 2003

Still, this has to be counted as yet another great success for local
activists!    The march did not really coordinate itself to any
international antiwar activities much at all, and was built on short
notice in a much more hostile climate.    In fact, the demonstrators
were denied the right to march in the street, though it certainly made
not the slightest difference in the cost for policing the event.

There were a large number of American flags passed out and carried, but
this was almost like carrying garlic to ward off vampires.    The
vampires being, of course, the police and the possibility of an
unprovoked attack.    The police were much notably more sullen than at
the previous antiwar march, but did play the event straight, and made no
effort to harass the crowd.

The mood of the crowd was serious, but had kind of a depressed air to
it.   It was like many had to impress on themselves that it did still
matter to be there, though they felt that now that the decision to
attack Iraq had been finalized and put into motion, that nobody else
probably agreed with the relevance of what they were doing.

I will be moving to a different area of the country this week, and will
not be able to follow Dallas home town events so closely.   However, I
will try to find time while packing up to go down to the local
Republican headquarters in my small town to demonstrate personally.   It
is located on a main thoroughfare, and the locale is just too ideal to
not take advantage of.   The Republican HQ is located in the Petroleum
Building. so maybe I can avoid physical assault by protesting in such an
ironic spot?

Actually, Texas small town folk here have been less enthusiastic about
this war than they might have wanted themselves to be.   It's almost
like they are going through the patriotism show more by rote this time.
    Maybe the space shuttle crash overhead preceeding the beginning of
the war has got people unsettled?    It definitely literally rattled our

Tony Abdo

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