HERE WE GO - "WMD in Syria"

LouPaulsen LouPaulsen at
Mon Mar 31 07:19:26 MST 2003

(Gee, they MIGHT be there.  How do you know they aren't?  Assad has no love
for the United States.  They might give them to terrorists and attack US
CITIES.  What's the cost of a war on Syria compared to the cost of 9/11?
Maybe we'd better get some weapons inspectors in there.  No, cancel that, we
know inspections don't solve anything.  So......)

Iraqi weapons of mass destruction may be hidden in Syria: Israel
17 minutes ago  Add Mideast - AFP to My Yahoo!

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Iraqi chemical and biological weapons may be hidden in
Syria, a senior Israeli intelligence officer told a parliamentary committee.

"It is possible Iraq (news - web sites) transferred missiles and weapons of
mass destruction into Syria," General Yossi Kupperwasser told the committee.

He said the transfer could be one explanation as to why US-led forces
scouring suspect sites in western Iraq had found nothing so far, the radio
said Monday.

His remarks came as US Secretary of State Colin Powell (news - web sites)
warned both Syria and Iran to stop backing terrorists, two days after
another top US official warned them to stay out of the US-led war on Iraq.

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