Mother Jones on SF's Anti-War "Radicals"

viveka kaliyuga at
Mon Mar 31 07:41:33 MST 2003

> I question how radical these folks are. The last thing the antiwar
> movement needs is temper tantrums in the name of peace. I really have a
> strong objection to the kind of action that was organized in NYC last
> week, when such folks chained themselves across 5th Avenue.

Two things, Lou.  And I can't say I know the answer, its just open for
discussion.  Maybe the guy going to the dentist was frustrated and will find
he now supports the war because of these people, but the fact is a few
people made world headlines.  What about the people in Australia and Japan
and whereever that were encouraged by such action?  Do the pluses outweigh
the minuses?

Secondly, if you (or anyone else) decides this kind of action is wrong
headed - what, in a practical sense CAN you do?


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