Marc Cooper: we should not try to stop the war

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Mar 31 08:15:07 MST 2003

Notice I did not say we should stop the war. First of all, we simply 
cannot. The war will, hopefully, be over soon enough on its own. Second, 
and more to the point, about the only silver lining in this American 
misadventure for the Iraqi people is that it does the spell the end of 
one of the most barbaric 30-year dictatorships on the face of the Earth. 
To call off the tanks at this juncture, thereby saving Saddam’s skin, 
would be a double betrayal of the Iraqi people. With all the 
miscalculation, hubris, arrogance and imperial disdain that undergird 
this war, at least let its only saving grace be consummated by leveling 
Saddam’s regime.



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