Marc Cooper: we should not try to stop the war

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Mon Mar 31 10:28:22 MST 2003

When I read the subject title of this post, I thought that finally I see 
in words something what I have been thinking in private: that the 
invasion of Iraq represents a self inflicted blow to US imperialism and 
as such why bother to stop it.  Although I am not cynical enough to wish 
that kind of collateral damage on any small nation merely to damage US 
imperialism, still, if we are powerless to stop the self destruction, 
why not let the culprit walk into harms way?  But upon reading the 
article, the reasons put forth by the author are all wrong headed.

That is not to say that anti-war demonstrations are useless or wrong. 
Only that its purpose is not to stop the war, but to raise public 
conciousness on what the war means and what it stands for, with 
auguments pinpointing the self destructiveness of current US policy. 
The aim is not to stop this war, but the forces behind all imperialistic 

Ssddam is not insane, his record of rule is not pretty, but it is 
typical of all regimes afflicted with garrison state mentality.  And 
that mentality has been created by Western, and lately US impperialism. 
  Americans, even liberals and radical leftists, cannot possibly 
empathize with the natural need for violence in the political struggle 
of nationalists in their struggle against imperialism.  Be that as it 
may, only Iraqis are justified in trying to rid Iraq of Saddam,or any 
other leader, not a foreign power, no matter how repugnant the Saddam 
regime may be.  Moral imperialism is imperialism.

Further, this invasion is transforming Saddam into a heroic fighter in 
defense of Iraqi and Arab nationalism and as a brave resistance fighter 
against the world's sole superpower.  Increasingly, the only people in 
the entire world buying the liberation propaganda are Aemricans.

In a world order of nation states, it is natural for all citizens to 
support their troops, but only on their own soil.  Support for all 
expeditionary or invading forces is not patriotism.   It is imperialism. 
  All nations are entitled to keep defensive forces, but offensive 
forces of all countries must be condemned by all, socialists and right 
wing libertarians alike.  Some of the most rational anti-war statements 
and arguments at this moment are coming the libertarian right, not the left.

The real enemy is neo-liberalism. The War on Iraq is part of a push to 
make the world safe for neo-liberalism.

This war is a cancer growing inside US imerpialism. Just as the Civil 
War rescued Lincoln from the fate of an immoral segregationist 
politician and projected him in history as a liberator of slaves, this 
war will rescue Saddam from the fate of a petty dictator and project him 
in history to the ranks of a true freedom fighter.

Henry C.K. Liu

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Notice I did not say we should stop the war. First of all, we simply 
> cannot. The war will, hopefully, be over soon enough on its own. Second, 
> and more to the point, about the only silver lining in this American 
> misadventure for the Iraqi people is that it does the spell the end of 
> one of the most barbaric 30-year dictatorships on the face of the Earth. 
> To call off the tanks at this juncture, thereby saving Saddam’s skin, 
> would be a double betrayal of the Iraqi people. With all the 
> miscalculation, hubris, arrogance and imperial disdain that undergird 
> this war, at least let its only saving grace be consummated by leveling 
> Saddam’s regime.
> full:

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