HERE WE GO#2: Syria's WMD

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Mon Mar 31 12:23:10 MST 2003


"The outcome in Iraq, which will be decisive and final, we hope will cause
other states in the region, and indeed around the world, to look at the
consequences of pursuing weapons of mass destruction and draw the appropriate
lesson that such pursuit is not in the long term in their national interest,"
U.S. Under Secretary of State John Bolton said in a speech.

Bolton, a leading U.S. hawk whose portfolio covers arms control and
international security, said a key lesson of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks was
the importance of preventing states from acquiring such weapons and from
giving them to others. [...]

He said the United States was keeping a close watch on Syrian nuclear research
and development efforts and related foreign cooperation agreements "for signs
of nuclear-weapons intent or weapons-related transfer." He said Syria had
chemical weapons stocks and accused it of pursuing biological weapons.

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[He also fingered Libya and of course the DPRK.  I think we can just about
conclude that Syria and probably Libya have been elevated to full axis-of-evil


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