The Advance Just Rockets Along

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Mon Mar 31 14:46:27 MST 2003

Army pounds forces outside Baghdad in all-night artillery barrage ;Britain
targets Basra (AP)
U.S. forces 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Baghdad pounded military targets
south of the Iraqi capital with howitzers and rockets Tuesday in an all-night
artillery barrage that lit up the clouds like lightning.
- Mar 25 5:27 AM ET

Troops March Within 50 Miles of Baghdad (AP)
U.S. troops shot their way closer to Baghdad, British forces fought on the
fringes of the beleaguered city of Basra, and the first substantial relief
convoy reached Iraq on Wednesday after weathering a blinding sandstorm.
- Mar 26 5:54 AM ET

Bush Says U.S.-Led Forces Closing in on Baghdad (Reuters)
President Bush said on Saturday American-led forces were less than 50 miles
from Baghdad and fighting the "most desperate" Iraqi army units before the
looming battle for the capital.
- Mar 29 10:08 AM ET

U.S. Moves to Within 50 Miles of Baghdad (AP)
Army forces battled Republican Guard units at Hindiyah on Monday in street
fighting scarcely 50 miles from Baghdad, seizing stockpiled machine guns and
mortars as well as military maps. Relentless bombing in the north forced Iraqi
defenders to flee long-held positions.
- Mar 31 2:16 PM ET

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