The De Genova affair

lvnadal lvnadal at
Mon Mar 31 14:32:31 MST 2003

:  From Louis Proyect:
The issue is not
> what he said, but the right to say it. He does not have tenure...

I support Comrade Proyect's position as far as it goes and I would take it
further, which he may not want to do, but Robespierrist that I am, c'est

It is not only his right to say it, it is also the content of what he said.
A professor calling for a "100 Dresdens," "100 Tokyos,"  "100 Vieques," "100
Jenins"  would not find himself or herself under this attack from the
"voices of reason and moderation,"  the university president,  the media,
from everyone but us troublemakers.

I don't think we should shy away from defending the content of his
statement.  Professor De Genova himself took such an approach and we should
support that.

I think we're afraid of being tarred with a brush that has already been
applied to us, so what more do we have to lose?  I think we have more to
gain by explaining the US interventions, as Professor De Genova did, and our

Mr. De Genova did not make those remarks in isolation and should not be
shunned or defended in the abstract, i.e. "academic freedom," based on the
bourgeoisie's need to wave the bloody shirt, or in this case, the bloody
jacket, man's, combat, desert.

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