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Elisha Stephens elishastephens at
Mon Mar 31 16:14:59 MST 2003

Gary wrote:

>There are real differences among the bourgeoisie around this war and they
>will surface even on the tele

Hopefully so, but at the moment, they amount to no more than a hairline
crack, a stress fracture on the metatarsal of the bourgeoisie. When you hear
Teddy Kennedy calling for withdrawing the troops and not just Dennis
Kucinich, then one can talk about a split. But, as Gary writes, these are
definitely "early days."
I don't know that much about British politics, I must admit a few days ago I
couldn't have said very much about Robin Cook, but it seems me that the fact
that he (was forced to?) pull back from a strong "troops out" statement
within just 24 hours tells us something about the forces fighting any
tendency to a split.

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