Delphic Bush

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Mar 31 16:30:30 MST 2003

> Bush, who appears to value tension among his top advisers, "has been
> very Delphic on this and hard to read" on the emerging internal debate,
> a Bush adviser said. [Delphic? Don't they mean doltish?]

Actually, I liked a bit in an earlier piece someone posted which
referred to Bush's main speaking technique - the "bewildered pause".

It never ceases to amaze me how the number one imperialist power on the
planet cannot select sophisticated imperialist politicians with any
consistency.  Bush snr was semi-sophisticated, but the son is just a
village idiot.

It must piss off the Euro ruling classes that they have fairly
consistently produced politicians of the calibre of Thatcher, Chirac,
Schroeder and so on, but the US has the guns and dollars.

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