stress fractures

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Mar 31 17:28:16 MST 2003

>I don't know that much about British politics, I must admit a few days ago
>I couldn't have said very much about Robin Cook, but it seems me that the
>fact that he (was forced to?) pull back from a strong "troops out"
>statement within just 24 hours tells us something about the forces
>fighting any tendency to a split.

You are absolutely correct here Elisha. There are enormous forces fighting
any tendency to a split.  But the stress fractures could open up.  A defeat
for the Americans or even a humiliation would have the most terrible
consequences for imperialism.  One report said it would galvanize the
Islamic world like the fall of Constantinople.

I still do not think that will happen.  But the reason why the ruling class
have swung behind Bush is that they see their collective hides in
danger.  They will though exact a price afterwards.  However should things
start to go really badly now and by that I mean should Abdullah in Jordan
or Mubarak in Egypt fall then look for an exit strategy being developed.

But I keep telling myself that all this is happening so damn fast and we
have not even got to the godallmighty mess that will prevail after the
fighting stops and we move onto the 'West Bank phase' where every day acts
of resistance will grow from a deeply enraged population.

The point is that the Bush camp have gone a war too far.  I did not know
that and more importantly neither did they.  That is why we are in such new
territory, where all our previous analogies, such as to Vietnam, do not
apply.  The metaphor of this war being Vietnam in quick motion is striving
to capture the phenomenon we are witnessing now.  This is when political
time moves out of synch with chronological or clock  time.

All very radical and new and totally unpredictable.



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