Reuters discovers demonization!!

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To put this in some sort of context, there was an article on the net several
months ago from a conventional US news source, byline of a purported middle
eastern specialist, reporting about Saddam that in effect said as long as
you did not make the mistake of threatening the security or continuity of
the regime, the place was fairly relaxed. Depends on how security/continuity
is defined of course, don't recall if examples were offered, but in general
to how many regimes does that apply? Don't we remember people languishing
for thirty years or more in brutal Turkish prisons for possession of small
amounts of marijuana or hashish? And how would I google for that article?


U.S. Pounds Republican Guard Near Baghdad
14 minutes ago  Add Top Stories - Reuters to My Yahoo!

By Khaled Yacoub Oweis

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. forces pounded Republican Guard units around
from the ground and the air on Monday, preparing the way for an eventual
assault on the city to destroy the rule of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
(news - web sites).


'In an example of the way the Bush administration has demonized Saddam,
Pentagon (news - web sites) spokeswoman Victoria Clarke said the Iraqi
had subjected his people to "decades and decades and decades of torture and
oppression the likes of which I think the world has not ever seen before."'

- - - - - - -

Demonization is indeed the appropriate word for this argument that Saddam is
guilty of at least 60 years of 'torture and oppression' ("decades" I suppose
means at least two decades, that is, 20 years, and it is "decades AND
AND decades") and is the worst ruler in the history of the planet.  How can
they top this except to say that he is the worst ruler in the history of the
Delta Quadrant ... the galaxy ... the prime universe?

But when have you seen a major wire service use the term as straight news in
reference to the propaganda of the Bush administration?  I think the press
honeymoon is indeed over.

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