Dublin march

Philip Ferguson plf13 at it.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Mar 31 17:32:18 MST 2003

> Children from the Irish Islamic community led off the estimated 15,000
> people who marched in Dublin on Saturday against the war in Iraq, writes
> Kitty Holland.
> Holding a banner with "STOP! Why the innocent children , innocent women,
> innocent elderly? Do something for the innocent", the children set off from
> Parnell Square.

Well, these kinds of banners piss me off frankly.

Two reasons: firstly, they portrays Third World people, in this case
Third World women especially, simply and solely as helpless victims.
This is condescending, sexist and racist.

Secondly, it suggests that it's OK to kill Iraqi men, coz they're not
'innocent', whatever that is supposed to mean.

When the imperialists are rounding up Iraqi men simply for being males
of fighting age, I think the friggin' peacenicks who come out with this
kind of crap should be ashamed of themselves.  And people with the
slightest left-wing impulses should haul them over the coals about it.

Rather than parroting the imperialists' own definition of who is
'innocent' - and implying that Iraqi males are somehow 'guilty' - we
should be simply demanding the withdrawal of the invading armies and
solidarising with *all* the ordinary people of Iraq.

Philip Ferguson

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