reporting the war was Re: The De Genova affair

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Mar 31 18:12:34 MST 2003

>Longtime readers of this list may be intrigued to learn that on my recent
>visit to Brisbane, I dropped round to Gary's for a drink. A delightful
>experience at any time, certainly after a 20 year feud :-)
>We glumly agreed that while we would love to see the Americans encounter
>serious trouble in Iraq, it would alas probably not happen.
>But hey Gary, it has! This calls for another drink some time.
>warm regards

Yes it has and a beer we will have - christ maybe more than one - Drunk
today seldom sober.

But seriously when events lose their predictably, old war horses start
sniffing the air.  There is just the faintest whiff of a deep change in the
air.  I am convinced that it won't happen and that the ruling class will
fudge their way out of this one.  But unexpectedly a weakness has been

The risky adventurous nature of this war has been exposed.  They dare not
lose it now.  But what if they cannot win? I honestly do not see how they
can stabilise Iraq,  after all this slaughter and the deaths that will be
necessary for them to crush Iraqi resistance.

On another level as you pointed out Bush has squandered the capital he
gained on 9/11.  But he has just moved deeply into debt.



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