Delphic Bush

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Mar 31 18:17:20 MST 2003

>Phil wrote:
>It must piss off the Euro ruling classes that they have fairly
>consistently produced politicians of the calibre of Thatcher, Chirac,
>Schroeder and so on, but the US has the guns and dollars.

Actually I have always believed that idiots end up in the White House
because the position carries so much power, that the American ruling class
does not want to give it to someone who is very able.

In any case if they wanted an idiot in the White House they really have one
now.  What I would like to know is what Tony says to Cherie after another
session with the idiot child.  Blair I bet began by thinking he could be
the brain to Bush's brawn, but instead he has become a pawn of the White
House thugs.

It must be grating on him to be seen as the poodle.

Actually it's a bit rough on poodles to compare them to Blair.



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