I was a Pro-Cuban Chilean Exile

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Thu May 1 01:34:28 MDT 2003

an anarchist lawyer: at first the notion seemed to demand of me
a willing suspension of disbelief.  But I got over it (agent as
conscious sabot against the system, comrade protector of the
exploited courageous enough to brave the contradictions of the
courts of the state, etc.)

But it introduces another aspect to our analysis of the current
crisis in the Western Left vis a vis "repression in Cuba":
what is law?
what is law in bourgeois societies?
what is law in socialist states?

Basically, "the Law" is codified power.
Political power speaks, when it has to, through law.
That is, right through it if it has to.
As in the case of the invasion of Iraq. &c.
Well, I should meander off and contemplate this a bit...

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