Solidarity Leaders endorse CPD anti-Cuba petition

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Thu May 1 10:19:31 MDT 2003

In Solidarity's (well, partial) defense...

When Solidarity was formed, they agreed also to put the Cuban question
on the back-burner with the Russian question.

This petition, nauseating as it is, has been the subject of much debate
in SLDRTY-L. A number of us, myself included, have signed the ANSWER
statement and have denounced the CPD (aka "Leo Casey Lite") petition.

(The Solidarity leaders who've signed this capitulation to imperialism
insist we keep the discussion "civil," which means among other things
we can't call it a capitulation to imperialism. :P)

I want it known that there *are* staunch defenders of the Cuban
Revolution in Solidarity, and not all of us subscribe to this
reactionary bullshit. In fact, we are in the process of forming a Cuba
Solidarity Working Group within the organization, whose principal job
at the moment will be to coordinate defense of the Cuba 5.


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