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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu May 1 11:40:58 MDT 2003

I'd add Bob Herbert to your Dowd and Krugman as the voices closest to
sanity on the NYTimes editorial pages.  If you want to see the routine
retorts from reactionaries about deteriorating social and economic
conditions for the masses
in the USA, take a peek at the "Forum" page for Herbert


> Huh? Latest I heard more Ameircans were AGAINST a tax cut than for
> one. And I love that word "victim." You use it without shame, almost a

> badge of courage.

> Oregon, is experiencing the same thing as California. Bad government,
> management. Ever increasing goverenment spending. As if they could
> do this forever.

> Yet will you have any articles about Colorado? Economy booming,
> responsible government and fiscal policies. At some point Herbert,
> and States, and even Nations, are responsible for their messes.

> And there is not (I know this is crazy talk) an endless supply of tax
> to throw at problems created by incompetent and pandering government
> bureacrats and politicians.

> It must be hell on you Clintonista's to leave the pizza-party of the
90's, to
> actually have to clean up all the messes you created.

> Like growing terrorizm, corrupt corporate accounting, giving North
> nuclear reactors, ever rising taxes and gov spending. Now you whine
> cry like the spoiled brat you are, cause "Daddy Took the T-Bird Away."

> But did you hear the latest report? Terrorism at it lowest level in
> since 1969. Now what could cause that? Might be the adults are in
> And intead of biting their lower-lip, and stylishly feeling everyone's
> We have people that take their responsibilities seriously and are
> doing something.

I know some comrades have a deep well of vituperation, probably a
of living in this insane society, but I suggest they sharpen up and
point it at such
idiot guardians of the elite as the author of the above rather than
shooting off
the feet of our movement with peevish complaints about the position of
on pinheads (do I sound like I'm complaining about just that here?

A technical--or ideological query--: what maybe the reason that the
NYTimes Forums post the following advisory?

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