Solidarity Leaders endorse CPD anti-Cuba petition

Alex LoCascio alexlocascio at
Thu May 1 12:30:08 MDT 2003

I will try tostear clear of the political issues in
this debate, since I've received enough private
hate mail from my erstwhile comrades in Solidarity
simply for making candid statements about the
organization on this list.

Just two factual points:

1) Dan LaBotz is indeed a member, or was at the
time I left.

2) Sam Farber has never been in Soli, although he
was a member of Workers Power, the group that
originally published Against the Current (this
was a split from the IS over issues that are
too arcane for even me to understand.  Something
to do with the trade union bureaucracy, and the
expulsion of the Cliffites).

3) Chris Phelps is once again a member of
Solidarity, after years of non-member status.

4) Dave Finkel, although a nice guy, with
impeccable taste in music and a strong grasp
of international politics, is more or less
the eminence grise behind Against the Current,
and while there is an editorial committee and
advisory board, nobody should pretend it's
anybody's magazine but Dave's.  Good magazine,
but it can't be said to represent the "group"
except in the most mediated of fashions.

5) My heartfelt best wishes to Adam, Jose,
and the comrades in Solidarity like Malik
Miah and Barry Sheppard who are fighting to
establish a position of clear support for
revolutionary Cuba and its people.  Even
a state-capitalist like C.L.R. James
understood the nature of this revolution.  I
really don't understand the semi-fanatical
intolerance some comrades in Solidarity
have on this issue.

6) It goes without saying that I support
wholeheartedly what Louis says about leaderships
and accountability.  While the loosey-goosey
structure of Solidarity has much to recommend it
in the way of non-sectarianism and openness, it
creates real problems in terms of transparency
and accountability.

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