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Frontlines, the newspaper of the left

Just published!
Report from Argentina: Presidential election's
results, the crisis of the left and the future of the

DOSSIER: Assessment of Election’s Results, the crisis
of the left and the tasks ahead; "Historical Notes on
Argentinean Political Parties and the Left"; 2003,
2001 and 1999 elections' results and other background
material by Gina Alvarez Left Party Frontlines
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Life under US occupation: Massacre in Fallujah, 17
civilians killed, 100 wounded. In a related avenging
grenade attack, 7 US soldiers are wounded

"I can't do anything now because they have tanks. But
I will wait and I will kill Americans. I will take my
revenge," said 14-year-old Ahmed Muthana

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Life under US occupation: Mass protests receive US
officials at Aziziya, torch their cars

* Special Forces with helicopters and tanks used to
rescue officials and US journalist after the crowd
torched their vehicles
* Home town defies ban on Saddam birthday party. US
forces attack the celebrations in Mosul, at least six
Iraqis killed
* Baghdad: Iraqis demand restoration of utilities
* Close ally of the US in Iraq: Barzani says US forces
should leave after Iraqi government takes over

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Lessons of the war: US military hegemony, the national
liberation struggle and the tasks of the
internationalist antiwar and left movements By
Sebastian Robles 

* The military hegemony of the Empire:
The US tactical victory in Iraq is a victory against
the world. The naked imperial purposes of the war and
occupation. A future of an accelerated arms race,
terrorism, turmoil, more wars, nuclear standoffs and
continuous global mass opposition to the US Empire on
the agenda.

* The war of liberation of Iraq already started:

The coalescing of a legitimate national liberation
movement which is now the enemy of the Empire. The
rifts and splits between the US and European and
Russian ruling classes will continue. From low
intensity confrontations to more open conflict, both
in Iraq and internationally.

* Iraq: the epicenter of regional and world
confrontation between governments, classes and
political factions:

The Middle East governments and factions, Turkey, the
global antiwar movement, the internationalist antiwar
and left movements are all players. The new economic,
political and social contradictions created by the
occupation of Iraq.
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