Solidarity Leaders endorse CPD anti-Cuba petition

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>the embrace of Green farming

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Smithsonian Magazine

The Nature of Cuba

Tiny frogs. Vast swamps. Pristine rivers. Whether by design or default, the
island boasts the Caribbean's best-kept wildlands. But for how long?

During a recent 1,000-mile trip through Cuba to see its wildlands at this
pivotal time in its history, writer Eugene Linden saw wetlands bursting with
wildlife, rain forests and cloud forests, grasslands and lagoons. The amount
of safeguarded environment in Cuba—reportedly around 22 percent—is among the
highest of any nation, according to the Switzerland-based World Commission
on Protected Areas.

The island has the largest tracts of untouched rain forest, unspoiled reefs
and intact wetlands in the Caribbean islands. Cuba also is home to many
unique species, including the solenodon, a chubby insectivore that looks
rather like a giant shrew, and the bee hummingbird, the world's smallest
bird, weighing less than a penny.

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