Cuba, not Russia

David Walters dwalters at
Thu May 1 17:03:04 MDT 2003

>Louis wrote:
>"Well, of course it is illegal. The only political party that is legal in
>Cuba is the Communist Party. Everybody knows that. The same thing was true
>in the USSR in the 1920s during the NEP. Both Cuba and USSR ended up with
>single-party states for obvious reasons. The party David alludes to above
>stands in the same relationship to the CP as Left SR's, anarchists, etc.
>stood in relationship to the CP of the Soviet Union. Political debate took
>place in both countries *within* the CP. Just as within the CP, there were
>left and right oppositions, so do you have debates in Cuba about the pace
>and extent of privatization and foreign investment. If the USSR was a
>"socialist democracy" in 1925, so is Cuba today. I myself don't find such
>terms that useful. I prefer to write about the social reality, how people
>participate in political life, etc. For more information on that, it is
>necessary to read people like Frank Fitzgerald, Caroline Bengelsdorf, and a
>host of others. I myself would stay away from dogmatic treatments in the
>sectarian press, which cannot explain something like the turnaround on gay
>rights, the embrace of Green farming and lots of other things."
I didn't bring up the did. You display a terrible ignorance of
Soviet history Louis.  The "reasons" the USSR ended up as one party state
and the reason Cuba did are totally different, if you don't know it, then go
back to your Lexus machine and do a search.

Every group banned in Russia did so because they actively took up arms
against soviet..."Soviet"...not "Party"...power. The LeftSRs were only
banned after the summer of 1918 in which their command of units of the
nascent Red Army launched an OFFENSIVE against the Germans; shot the German
ambassador in Petrograd; Shot Lenin and tried to overthrow the state.

I'm not a particularly big fan of the Cuban Revolutionary Social Democrats,
but I suspect their views, program and ACTIONS were a wee be more demur than
the Left SRs. You comparison is as your sectarian as your defense of a one
party state.

>From 1918 to Ukraine, there were as many as FIVE competing
communist parties. From 1917-to 1925 Menshevik papers continued to be
published. The Jewish Socalialist Workers Party, Poale Zion, and numerous
Jewish organizations were legal (also through, what do you know...1925). The
fact that the HUGE errors of the 10th Party Congress were idealized by
pretenders to Marxism-Leninism like the Cuban Communist Party doesn't at all
legitimize their actions.

Oh yeah, party factions as such, despite the codification of the 10th Party
Congress, still existed, a wide ranging debate, political positions in
opposition to each other etc were all part and parcel of the RCP through
1927, from leaflets to meetings and so on...I dare say the CCP is totally
devoid of this. I would dare say that Cuba is devoid of this.

The social reality of Cuba is not good, as we all agree on. The fact that
the CCP is the only legal party in Cuba... you pass along as if it's a nice
evening breeze. How it got this way, why it's this way, etc is of utmost
importance, not just to people on this list, but I suspect to lots of Cubans
as well. Is it 'worth' our discussion based on it's own merits, within the
context of defending Cuba? Is that "the social-reality" enough for you?

David Walters

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