british left and ireland

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu May 1 21:42:47 MDT 2003

Danielle wrote:
>  From my experience, I would say that describes the majority of their US
> supporters, although that's partially the fault of SF.  Their standing
> order to their US support organisation, Irish Northern Aid, at one time was
> not to mention the S word at all.

Yeh, fair point.

And, over time, the SF/IRA leadership looked to more and more mainstream
US politicians.

However, I would also say that was in no small part linked to the
failure of the British left to provide much in the way of solidarity in Britain.

The high-point was the late 60s/early 70s, when Bernadette Devlin could
speak to, and get a great response, from 4,000 car workers at Ford
Dagenham in Britain.  (To be fair, I think that was largely an IS
initiative.)  But once the war got going, the British left got
frightened and ducked for cover.

Mass, peaceful demos in Ireland were one thing; but once the oppressed
actually started shooting back at the British state, well, that was all
a bit too much for a British left shaped by the politics of CND.


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