SSP wins more MSPs - great!

Peter Boyle peterb at
Fri May 2 00:20:24 MDT 2003

Election analysts say they could get up to 10 MSPs. This is
great news for all on the road to a broad, multi-tendency
socialist regroupment. I hope UK SWP and SP take note and
adjust their approach to the SSP, Socialist Alliances. Down
under this this adds more steam to the new regroupment push
in the Socialist Alliance.

Peter Boyle
peterb at

2 May 2003


Minor parties make big gains

After the list results from three regions, the SSP and
Greens have have three and two MSPs respectively in what was
a good night for the minor parties.

Both of the smaller parties are expected to pick up more
list MSPs as the remaining regions delcare.

o Perhaps the most spectacular win was that of independent
health campaigner Dr Jean Turner, who took Glasgow's
Strathkelvin and Bearsden from Labour.

Speaking after her victory, Dr Turner said, "We have a new
government and in the area where I work people were so fed
up that nobody seemed to listen to what they were saying, in
particular on the health service, which is so important to

For the full Strathkelvin and Bearsden result, click here.

o Rosie Kane joins Tommy Sheridan as Scottish Socialist
Party list MSP for Glasgow. Patrick Harvie takes his place
for the Green Party.

Kane warned that both she and party leader Tommy Sheridan
would spell "double trouble" in the new parliament.

She said, "I will be able to pay my phone bill and council
tax as my wages were arrested last week. I'm going to bring
something different, something colourful to the Parliament.

"It will just be like double trouble, we are going to stir
it up a wee bit."

Tommy Sheridan was equally upbeat. After his victory, he
said, "What's happened tonight in Scotland is that a new
political force has been formed - and that force believes
that the wealth of Scotland belongs to the people of

The Greens' Patrick Harvey was delighted with his result,
saying, "The Greens are now a permanent part of Scotland's
political landscape, and I want to thank everyone who has
helped make this possible."

o Another independent, MSP Denis Canavan, held his Falkirk
West seat with 14703 votes. The SNP's Michael Matheson came
second with 4703.

For the full Falkirk West result, click here.

o In Mid Scotland and Fife Mark Ruskell of the Greens and
Frances Curran of the SSP were elected.

On a day which began with rain and in which polling got off
to a slow start, few were prepared to predict that the
turnout would top 50 per cent.

Polling stations reported a steady turnout with the highest
concentration of voters picking up in the evening as people
returned home from work.

But officials in Glasgow painted a gloomier picture, with
fewer than 30 per cent of voters having registered their
choice by 7pm in a survey of nine polling stations.

A spokeswoman for Edinburgh City Council said a sample of
polling stations across the city indicated voting had picked
up after a "slow" start.

Glasgow City Council said a sample of polling stations
across the city at 9pm suggested turnout was averaging 38
per cent.

A spokesman for Dundee City Council said turnout was on
course to be above 50 per cent, in an area which contains
several marginal seats.

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