Scottish and British elections

Armand Diego causebellum at
Fri May 2 02:07:02 MDT 2003

Parliamentary elections in Scotland:

Great victory in Scotland for Socialists!

The Scottish Socialist Party won 5 seats in
Parliamente and are fighting for another 2 or 3 more.
They got about 10% across the country and 17% in
Glasgow.  Before the election the SSP had only one MP,
Tommi Sheridan.

The SSP is a broad, radical socialist multi-tendential
party which stands on Socialism, independence and
radical politics.  It includes three Trotskyist
tendencies, one of them ISM comprised the majority of
the leadership and the candidates, the second largest
is the tendency of the British SWP in Scotland and the
third one are followers of the CWI that remained with
this grouping after the ISM split from it.

The SSP was the most consistent opponent of the war
against Iraq.

Other tendencies inside the party are Republicans,
left nationalists, etc, all very small and the party
also includes, for what I know a mass of not aligned

At least three other radical socialists, former
members of the Labour Party got elected as well as
independents and the Green Party (of which I know
little but sounds like a Left Green) got several
members elected to parliament as well.

Council elections in Britain:

Seemed as if the anti war energy evaporated when it
came to Council elections.  Most candidates of the
Socialist Alliance, which was in the form of its
leadership (the British SWP and other left groups) the
leadership of the anti war coalition throughout the
country did not fare well.

So far, I saw no candidates of the SA elected anywhere
and the percentages for its candidates I read are low,
way too low.

The Labour Party lost over 500 seats, though, but kept
the majority of the councils' majorities with the
losses going to the Tories and Liberal Democrats.  I
believe the only two or three SP councillors got
re-elected but I found no precise info on that.  In
addition, these 3 plus two others from IWCA were the
only left wing councillors that I know of in the whole
of Britain (over 60,000 councillors throughout the

This probably means that "victory" in Iraq had its
effect in giving back to Britain its imperialist soul.

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