SSP wins more MSPs - great!

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at
Fri May 2 06:43:10 MDT 2003

Congratulations to the hard working socialists in scotland for their success!
Election analysts say they could get up to 10 MSPs. This is
great news for all on the road to a broad, multi-tendency
socialist regroupment.
Might do. But the DSP is not going to be the impetus for sucha thing.
It has no respect in the union movement, a reputation for negative interventions
and is generally dishonest in dealing with others on the left.
Whereas the ISM had a lot of respect in the movement, for its non-sectarian interventions,
its leadership of the poll tax etc. The DSP is dellusional if it thinks of itself as in the
same class as the ISM/SML (despite my political differences with them).
I hope UK SWP and SP take note and
adjust their approach to the SSP, Socialist Alliances.
Just a bit of news that you will not be likely to hear in other places.
The socialist Party (CWI england) control the balance of power in the city of Coventry (this is from an inappropriate party according to Bob Gould).
I have simmilar hopes Peter, I hope the SWP sees that maneuvring doesn't substitute for real
campaigning work in the working class.


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