Solidarity Leaders endorse CPD anti-Cuba petition

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Fri May 2 07:49:52 MDT 2003

At 12:08 PM -0400 5/1/03, Louis Proyect wrote:
>If you go to and click "list of signers", you
>will discover that the following high-profile Solidarity members
>have signed:
>1. Robert Brenner
>2. David Finkel
>3. Dan LaBotz
>4. Christopher Phelps
>5. Charles Post

In your review of Max Elbaum's _Revolution in the Air: Sixties
Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che_ (Verso, 2002) at
<>, you wrote, "We
have the same requirement today that existed in Russia in 1902 and in
the USA in the 70s and 80s, namely to unite scattered Marxist circles
and individuals."  I'd love to see, sometime in the near future (i.e.
within the next couple of decades) in the United States, a
simultaneous emergence of (A) a political network of Marxist circles
and individuals and (B) a mass political party on the left to which
everyone to the left of Leo Casey & Co. can belong, (A) working
inside and outside (B).  In both (A) and (B), however, there will be
a range of different opinions -- sometimes sharply conflicting ones
-- on almost all issues, including Cuba.  How broad an alliance (A)
do you envision?

For May Day, we in Columbus, OH invited Max Elbaum to speak on the
subject of building a network of resistance to the Empire (see
<> &
<>).  I like
what he has to say, in his book and talks.  The outreach effort in
which he has been involved -- _War Times_ -- is a great one that has
provided a necessary tool for the anti-war movement.  Having listened
to him, I think that to be critical of positions such as one
expressed in the Campaign for Peace and Democracy petition on Cuba
(at <>) doesn't demand that one burn bridges to
all who sign them.  Some (many?) who signed it will be found in (A)
and/or (B), I think, if either comes into being.

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