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Fri May 2 13:43:50 MDT 2003

S. Landau, as quoted by W. Lippmann:

"Eduardo Galeano, the soul of Latin American resistance, "

This is a sad misunderstanding. Galeano is a great intelectual, and a 
wonderful writer. He has a very open and bleeding heart. But he can not 
head any resistance at all.

If I bother to write these short lines it is because this mistake is 
typical of the misreading of Latin American reality that suffusses so 
many Leftists, either abroad (which would be a minor issue) or at home 
(which is serious).

If Galeano were a US Citizen, he would probably be a Left wing liberal, 
not a Marxist. I am not quite sure that he considers himself a Marxist. 
Neither a Marxist nor a revolutionary nationalist, how can he attempt to 
become the soul of any resistance? And I am not thinking that this is a 
"Marxism OR nationalism" issue. Simply Galeano isn´t either. But he, as 
so many others, are presented as "the soul of Latin American resistance".

I will never tire to remind cdes. that the only soul of our resistance 
is to be found among the masses, the actual flesh and blood people whose 
suffering makes Galeano weep bitter tears, but who are the only ones who 
can write on a wall, under a criminal dictatorship, things such as "Las 
grandes potencias reconocen al gobierno revolucionario. Villa Manuelita no".



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