Re.: a Dutch version of anti-Cuba petition

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri May 2 15:43:56 MDT 2003

Ah, yes:
1. journalists
2. owners of independent libraries
3. peaceful dissidents
4. pro-democracy members of opposition parties.

!.   Who do these journalists work for?
@. Private libraries? What patrons? What books?
#.   Spies and sociosaboteurs, mayhap?
$.   Opposed to what?  For how much?

 The "library" slays me.
"Yes, please, can I check out What Is To Be Done"?
So what if there is a prisoner exchange, say, 75 for 5,
and the private, independent library is moved to Yuba City.
How long would it last?
It's not just a library, anyways.

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