Re SSP election wins

Pip, Peter & Zoe ppz at
Fri May 2 16:14:21 MDT 2003

Six seats is great for the SSP.

But thank you T. Hartin and B Cahill, I do know that both the SP and the
SWP are in the SSP.

The lesson the SP and SWP should learn from the SSP victory is to get
behind the socialist regroupment proces in England and give life to the
Socialist Alliance. Dreamingthat you will build your own outfits into
the little mass socialist party is a mistake. It will sell the movement
short on the polical potential of this period. Just drop the fantasy
that you are the holders of some more advanced/more proletarian than
others revolutionary program (none of us small socialist groups do) and
join with other commited socialist in developing through joint struggle
a living socialist program for today.

Peter Boyle
peterb at

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