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Hi, how could I sign to the listservs you mention?
Thank you for your attention.
Renato Pompeu

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At 5:58 PM -0700 5/1/03, Walter Lippmann wrote:
>An important political declaration to which every reader of this
>material ought to add their name.

I signed it and forwarded it to a number of listservs (PEN-l,
Solidarity, Socialist Register, M-Fem, LBO-talk, Rad-Green,
Leninist-International, Professors for Peace, Portside, and Ohio
Working Group on Latin America).  It would be good, though, if some
organization could set it up as a web-based petition which
individuals and organizations could sign.

* Calendar of Events in Columbus:
* Student International Forum: <>
* Committee for Justice in Palestine: <>
* Al-Awda-Ohio: <>
* Solidarity: <>

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