Saul Landau: "The Cuba Conundrum"

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Sat May 3 10:33:21 MDT 2003

Those can only say this who know
nothing about Saul Landau, who is
and continues to know more about
Cuba and to defend this island and
its revolution better than most of the
rest of us on these lists, including

I notice that you've not at all taken
up ANY of the political questions he
poses, either. I'm as pro-Cuba as
anyone, but the posture of trying to
dismiss questions by personally
attacking the author while at the
same time NOT addressing any
of the political points he raises
simply WILL NOT FLY.

Cuba understands that it needs
all the support it can get, from
people everywhere, whether they
self-define themselves as being
"revolutionary" or "progressive"
or whatever.

After all, why would you think
they read out the DECLARATION
OF CONSCIENCE from the platform
and pointedly mentioned Galeano's
signature here at the May Day
mobilization in Havana?


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NB: Landau defines himself as a "progressive"
in this piece, not as a revolutionary.  That's where
the big difference lies around Cuba (and many
other things) despite tactical unity around some
things.  For us, the question is what should
revolutionaries do.

I concur.

I have found Landau's work to be postive and heuristic,
however, even though I retain the same discretions.  One
can develop a well-argued and logical extrapolation from
his principles to a more revolutionary socialist stance by
positing questions about the acquisition of power by the

I am of course mentioning this as a practicality in the
context of our anti-hegemonic project, and not as a
negative critique of an effective ally in the struggle.

As an aside: I felt rather uncomfortable even as I
supported his earlier films on Cuba because he kept this
American position on privileginig individual liberties.  He
seems to have ameliorated some of that in his most recent

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