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m zinnhist at
Sat May 3 14:12:22 MDT 2003

Lou, I agree with virtually everything you have
written about the Cuba petitions, and I think your
attribution of "political narcissism" to Chomsky et.
al is right on the money.  However, don't you think it
was a bit of bad faith to use against Christopher
Phelps the claim that no one on PEN-L had taken his
side? After all, if they had, you would have certainly
found that to reflect badly on those (imperialist
dupes) on that list, rather than to indicate the
strength of the respective arguments.
Michael D.

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, Professor Phelps. I am
> replying to you on both
> the Marxism list and on the Progressive Economists
> Network mailing list
> whose combined 1000 subscribers represent a fair
> sampling of leftist
> thought and where my original critique of you and
> the other Solidarity
> leaders was posted. To my knowledge, not a single
> subscriber has
> endorsed your position. Furthermore,

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