The new nazis "no pasaran"

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Unfortunately those who posted this very interesting speech failed to
identify  clearly tenough (at least for me) he speaker, who addressed the
May 1 rally in Havana that heard a historic address by Fidel Castro.  Is he
a leader of a European youth group or someone who has been representing
Juventud Rebelde, the Cuban communist youth group, in Europe?  He presents
an interesting perspective, combining a very broad alliance against U.S.
imperialism -- the imperialism that is able to be on the offensive today --
with a perspective of socialist transformation.
This speech deserves to be read together with Fidel's May 1 address.
Fred Feldman


May 2, 2003

You are not alone. The nazis "no pasaran"
Speech delivered on May 1, 2003 in La Havana

Heinz Dietrich Esteffan
Juventud Rebelde

Compañeras y compañeros; citizens of the world: I come from
the old Europe to tell you that you are not alone; the new
nazis no pasaran!

I come from the old Europe of Albert Einstein and Karl Marx,
of Miguel Angel and Cervantes, of Rosa Luxembourg and
Vladimir I. Lenin, to offer my hand to this legitimate child
of the humanist and revolutionary legacy of humanity that is

The most brilliant of this Europe, its art, its science, its
declaration of human rights, gather us today in this square;
but at the same time, a deep concern for Europe's darkest
side has us here together: fascism.

The new fascist axis, Washington-London-Tel Aviv, is
re-structuring the Middle East, using the terror of its
weapons and the power of its lies.  As soon as it ends its
butchering of Iraq and Palestine, it has set its eyes on the
Latin American "Middle East": Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and
the social movements along this continent, La Patria Grande.

Venezuela, with oil reserves as large as Iraq's, would be
the loot of the new "Fuehrer" of the West.  In Cuba it is
not "black gold" which draws the Mafia of Miami and
Washington, but the economic potential of the real estate,
of tourism, and above all, the intellectual wealth of the
Cuban School of Biotechnology, whose capacity to advance
medical science should already be considered humanity's
patrimony, and whose most recent innovations will astound
the world in a few years.

The Big Shark of the North does not travel alone.  It has
its followers: fauna in the remoras of the Spanish and
Italian subimperialism that benefit from the carcases of the
victims the Big Shark tears apart.  This is why, the Spanish
subimperialism, represented by Jose Maria Aznar, took part
in the coup d'etat against president Hugo Chavez. Spanish
capitalists wanted a slice of Venezuelan oil.

Franco's and Mussolini's spiritual heirs are part of the
international gang of the new fascist project that threatens
the world, along with one or two intellectuals of
questionable ethics.

Facing that threat, humanity must resist as it did in the
'30s: with the widest front of alliances to defend the
formal bourgeois democracy and international law; very much
as happened during the war of Iraq, alongside the democratic
forces of the world, there was resitence from the bourgeois
elite of France, Germany, Russia, China, and even The

However, no war in history has been won merely defending,
and this will not be the exception.  This war is a war for
the future of humanity.    This is why, alogside the
strategic project of defense, is needed a project of
counteroffense, to stay ahead... for the future.

"Great solutions come out from great crisis," Fidel Castro
said once. The present is a crisis that requires a great
solution, and the only profound structural solution near
Cuba, the continental Patria Grande and humanity, is the new
civilization based in a participative socialist democracy.

Viva Cuba!

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