Solidarity sees the light

Sun May 4 20:03:00 MDT 2003

>I was really happy to read this!
I know good people who belong to that outfit.
It is indicative of a vital and developing organization that it can
quickly adapt to conditions and take an active position.
It is good for the morale of the entire movement. <


Not adaptation but political defeat in a fundamental way. This defeat was
delivered by a combination of various political forces. Who was defeated and
compelled to silence and hide their verbal support of the imperial
bourgeoisie was a small section of the bourgeois intelligencia.

The question remains; is Cuba more democratic than America in the application
of the death penalty as policy? Empirical data can give insight into this
question. Is Cuba more democratic than America in its rates of incarceration
and length of time in jail? Empirical data can give insight into this
question.  Is Cuba more democratic than America in its application of social
mechanisms to combat crime against the individual, illegal drug trade,
prostitution, providing health care and educational opportunity to the
individual, housing policy and not simply the right to access to social
products? Is Cuba more democratic in its everyday life with eradicating the
legacy of color discrimination and the legacy of Europeans landing in the
Americas and colonizing it? Is Cuba more democratic than virtually every
Latin (South) American country?

Given the universal acceptance of the stand point of Marx and Engels to the
question of social development, all attacks on public property relations and
the absence of a mechanism in society to convert money into ownership of
socially necessary means of production can only take place on the basis of
attack on partial policy of the revolutionary government of Cuba.

Only imperial scoundrels and those immature or new to the living world of
politics and human suffering can shape a politician position on the basis of
the interior of ones mind and disregard elementary statistical facts. It
should not be forgotten that this entire debate was the result of challenging
the authority of the government of Cuba to implement in an extraordinary
manner the death penalty against 3 criminals - not political opponents
expressing a different theoretical position. These thugs and criminals used
knives and firearms in a high jacking attempt and threatened to kill people,
for personal gain. These criminals personify more than people that drift in
and out of the black market. In one instance one of these thugs had murdered
a man.

This is not the case of a young man entering the black market to get a woman
he loves a great pair of jeans that she fills out in all the right places.
The social imperialist lack of perspective is in itself a class perspective.
"Fuck Cuba because the Castro government executed 3 criminals."  What kind of
shit is that? Is this not the direct voice of the imperial bourgeoisie? There
is no policy in Cuba of executing citizens for indulging in the illegal
market, which Castor himself shuts a blind eye to. Fidel, after all was a
young man:)  There is no policy of executing or incarcerating citizens in
Cuba that think different.

What the social imperialist seek is to open a political corridor in Cuba that
allows the surrender to imperialism and justify cowardice and organizing the
overthrow of public property relations in Cuba.

I am a communist-Marxist political revolutionary and would never think in a
framework of murdering individuals for my personal gains. These criminals
received extraordinary treatment - the death sentence, which in another
timeframe they would have been sentenced to jail for the 5th time and
arrested for and taken to the police station for the 120th time in one

These social imperialists crying rivers of tears over Cuba's extraordinary
methods are social degenerates of the bourgeois order with high percolation's
or rather proclamations, of "human rights."  The first chance they got to
prove their genuflecting to imperial murder and exploitation they jumped at.
No one can stand above the social reality of democracy as a living class

This is not a case of a vital organization expressing its ability to change
but an example of challenging and defeating social degenerates of the
bourgeois order.

The name of this Internet exchange line is "Marxline."  This means one can
operate freely and write anything provided they use the body of knowledge
that is the writing of Marx and Engels as a theoretical basis for serious
argument. One does not have to subscribe to Marxism or be a Marxist. In the
last instance one can be challenged from the basis of the writings of Marx
and Engels because the name of this joint is "Marxline."

Democracy is a class phenomenon in the last instance according to Marx and
Engels. The intellectual thugs of imperial capital are social degenerates.
The social movement of the proletarians has long ago transcended forming
policy and political statements based on highbrow proclamations of democracy.
 The fight was against a degenerate stratum of the bourgeois social order and
they were challenged to justify their assertion based on the reality of
democracy in every country on earth. Why is the use of extraordinary method
of punishment against three criminals a basis of condemnation and critical
examination of socialist democracy?

Melvin P.

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