IRSP: Hunger Strike Commemoration Statement

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4 May 2003
Irish Republican Socialist Party

"Integrity of Irish Politics is Being Brought into Disrepute" IRSP
Hunger Strike Commemoration is Told

Republican Socialists and INLA H-Block veterans gathered in Milltown
to hold a wreath laying ceremony at Bobby Sands' grave.

Listeners heard IRSP Ard-Chomhairle representative and former H-Block
prisoner Paul Little say: "IRA Volunteer Bobby Sands is the most
iconic of the H-Block hunger strikers, his image is known throughout
the world as that of a courageous freedom fighter who made the
ultimate sacrifice and died on hunger strike for political status in
1981. We in the Republican Socialist Movement salute his memory here

Recalling the 1981 period, Mr. Little described the period as "an
emotional roller coaster for all those involved in the republican
struggle inside and outside the prisons. Immense respect for the
dignity and determination of the POWs mixed with great sadness as
these young lives passed away. Another emotion that surfaced in
response to British intransigence was anger, the anger of a nation
whose young men were dying for justice. There are parallels in the
political negotiations today. During the first hunger strike, Britain
engaged in word games in an attempt to humiliate the prisoners, word
games that at the end of the day led directly to the deaths of seven
IRA and three INLA volunteers on hunger strike. We can all recall
the 'civilian type clothes versus the POWs own clothing' deception by
the British that led directly to the decision by Bobby Sands and his
fellow POWs to undertake the second hunger strike.

In conclusion, the IRSP representative said; "Those elected to
represent republicanism should take stock, and say enough is enough
of perfidious Albion and its weasel ways, the integrity of any
potential Irish democracy is being sacrificed on the altar of British
deception and forced Irish political pragmatism. Bobby Sands had no
time for British word games, neither should the current leadership of
Sinn Fein. The formula for lasting peace and justice in Ireland
remains the same as it has always been - BRITS OUT!"


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