Chomsky on C-Span2

Michael Perelman michael at
Mon May 5 11:33:37 MDT 2003

attacking NC would not make sense.  on the whole, he is excellent.
attacking him would just make the left look silly.  there are better fora
to support cuba.

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 10:26:16AM -0700, Chris Brady wrote:
> There will be a three hour interview with Noam Chomsky on C-Span2
> next Sunday at 11AM central time.
> Part of the show will be telephone call-ins for Chomsky.
> It would be cool if one of us could get thru to challenge him on the
> Cuba petition.
> Joanne
> Good idea.
> I find it conveniently coincidental that old Noam finally gets some air
> time
> when his statements augment US policy.
> (For years, progressive critics have wondered aloud why such an
> intellectual luminary was never invited to be a talking head by the
> networks who ostensibly presented "both" sides of issues and topics.)

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