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Mon May 5 11:50:17 MDT 2003

The NY Times today contains both a Reuters and and AP piece discussing
the release of documents from the Joseph McCarthy era:

it always interests me when the papers of record gloat over the
uncovering of wrongdoing in such a uhhhh timely fashion. one of the
real consequence of such articles is to effectively slap the ruling
class propaganda machine on the back, letting everyone know what a
good job the free press is doing by releasing the real deal. A related
aim is to defocus us from current events: by concentrating on old
tactics, they can avoid analysis of the newer ones.

so here we have today also a piece on one Ashleigh Banfield, an NBC
reporter oft seen in Benneton (sp?) sweaters and easy director's
chairs coordinating war coverage from Afghanistan and the like.

except that Ashleigh recently accused news media of effectively
cheerleading for the White House war room. and so now we also get:

   Ashleigh Banfield's Career No Longer Seems to Shine as Bright

   Winter 2002. Ashleigh Banfield is in Ramallah, the West Bank,
   interviewing Yasir Arafat. At 34, she is the anchor of her own
   prime-time program on MSNBC, the cable news network owned by NBC
   and Microsoft.

   Spring 2003. Ashleigh Banfield is on Tennessee State Route 374,
   interviewing people at a sparsely attended Saturday afternoon
   support-the-troops rally 6,700 miles away from the action in
   Iraq. She is just another NBC News correspondent fighting for face

So while the paper of record today assures us McCarthyism is dead, it
also quietly lets us know that people who speak up against US policy
can get in deep shit (speaking monetarily and of employment).

I'm glad to get THAT news.

les schaffer

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