Brownshirts in Barre, Vermont

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon May 5 17:53:04 MDT 2003

"Students must be provided a thorough, factual, unbiased study of the
--okay so far (so much is left out about Agent Orange, the CIA, why the
US dropped the A-bombs on Japan, etc.)--
"...of our nation..."
Whoa!  Whose nation?  Jim, like to comment on that, as a member of a
First Nation?
And where do you start with this next slew stew???:
"...the importance of our government institutions, and the significance
of our political traditions so as to engender civic duty and respect for
our national values."
The reactionaries are the ones in favor of brainwashing and
Teach history that conditions a certain worldview that is in compliance
with capitalism and US imperialism --and in process will turn out to be
in conflict with the introduction.

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