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Mon May 5 19:40:35 MDT 2003

I used the first edition, and some may find this one useful

-- greg

The City College of New York Libraries has
updated our online bibliography of primary
government documents and information about Iraq
and I hope you will find it useful.

The page can be found at:

An additional 25 pages have been added (the whole
site now prints out to 56 pages) and there are
lots of new topics as well as updates to existing

Topics now include Agriculture & Forestry, Captured
Iraqi Documents, CENTCOM Briefings, Coalition of
the Willing, Congressional Research Service Reports,
Congressional Resolutions and Legislation, Crisis
in Iraq 2003, Demographics, Economics & Finance,
Embedding Journalists, Energy Resources, General
Background, Geneva Conventions and Protocols, Gulf
War 1990-1991, Halabja, Health, Health - Gulf War
1990-1991, History, Human Rights, Human Shields,
Inspections, Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988, Leaflets,
Legal Resources, Maps, Marine & Maritime, No-Fly
Zones, POWs & MIAs, Presidential Communications,
Reconstruction, Refugees & Displaced Persons,
Religious Freedom, Saddam Hussein, Sanctions and
the Oil-for-Food Programme, U.S. Policy Towards
Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Who's Who - Iraq
War 2003 and Women.

Kind regards,

Grace-Ellen McCrann
Chief, Government Documents Division

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