In and around Detroit

Mon May 5 20:35:09 MDT 2003

(Hi momie . . . . Hi Daddie
Ha, ha, ha . . . .i’m fabulous.) 
Young cat got back,
Did a little bit.
Now he’s hard, he’s buff, he’s tuff
Do-rag and Tim’s
Kind of hard to get a job back on the block.
Charge that to the game.
Young girl - she grew up in a rush,
Had it bad no doubt
She don’t know who to trust.
Every man she ever loved
Only want her draws.
Charge that to the game.
But it’s all gravy . . . .hey baby
Shots get popped 
The Cops shut down the party . . .
Jeans sag low
Blow smoke out of duchess
We got love for ya’ll 
But ya’ll don’t even know it
So we swerve in Suburban’s 
Switching lanes,
Spending our dough on chromy thangs
Give our children funny names.
Don’t hate on us
We Fabulous.. . .
Pre-paid cellies for local calls
Little guys beat us up in the malls
Like the old folks twist
That’s how we ball
Don’t hate on us
We Fabulous.. . .
We’re all that we got
And no matter whatever together we will weather thestorm.  . . .
 . . . . . . . .  . .
Now it ain’t right
We all we got 
It might get rough but it’s alright.
Cause (repeat 6 times) 
Is all we need,
To get our 
And never
G . . .I. . . .V . . . E UP
Just Keep Your
H. . .E. . . .A  . .D UP”
By Jahiem from the CD “Still Ghetto” track 3. 
Short version

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