Eli Moskowitz signs CPD petition

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 6 07:01:58 MDT 2003

If you go to www.cpdweb.org, you'll discover that the high-profile
leftist signatures have begun to trickle off. I did discover one
familiar name, however, and that was Eli Moskowitz, an old friend from
high school.

He told me yesterday that he described himself as a "NYC Transit Worker"
when filling out the online form because he was afraid that they
wouldn't include his name if he told them his real occupation, which is
unemployed salesman. He said that he didn't want anything to get in the
way of appearing in print. Eli was always a sucker for publicity, either
good or bad.

Even though he supplied his hotmail address, CPD has not contacted him.
He said that he would be happy to go throw eggs at the Cuban embassy or
whatever else they needed him for, just as long as they could come up
with the subway fare back and forth. (It has gone up to $2, so this is
of some importance to somebody on unemployment.)

My contacts with Eli have diminished over the years, since my
commitments to the left have escalated. We were always the "odd couple"
when young. I preferred reading existentialist philosophy while he had
no use for anything in print except the racing sheet and Screw Magazine.
Twenty years ago or so I had to bail him out of jail. On a restless
night, he had ventured out and solicited an undercover female cop for

I asked him why he took the trouble to sign the CPD petition. He replied
that in addition to wanting to appear alongside some prominent
intellectuals in print, he also truly believed in--as he put it on the
form--"democracy everywhere in the world". Now, how can anybody be
against that.


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