Missing Mark Jones

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue May 6 22:10:00 MDT 2003

I have had my say on the sad loss of Mark to the list.  But as always with
an absence time makes it worse at one level.  It seems to me that we are
languishing in a period when under the surface the wheels of history are
spinning furiously.  But stagnation and the absolute return of the status
quo seem to have reasserted themselves at the level of actuality.

Though I have avoided news bulletins with scrupulous care something of the
triumphalism of the American bourgeoise has crept through my fire wall.
Thus we had the spectacle of Bush dressed as a Top Gun in today's Brisbane
Courier Mail.  It just about made me throw up my breakfast but as I did not
have one, that was impossible.

Still I was deeply sickened. But Mark was always good at cutting through
such rubbish to the underlying movement.  His was the grand Hegelian sweep
of history.  He could always see the dialectic at work. He is sorely missed.



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