Masochistic Zinovievists at verk

Peter Boyle peterb at
Wed May 7 00:17:25 MDT 2003

The good news is that the prospects for a step forward for
the Socialist Alliance project in Australia at this
weekend's conference in Melbourne look very good. I have
heard that nearly 150 members of the Socialist Alliance who
do not belong to any of the affiliated groups have now
signed the "Developing the common socialist voice call" for
a united, multi-tendency socialist party.

This group will be moving the following two critical

Moved: That conference endorses these 7 points:
1. We want the Alliance to become a single, multi-tendency
socialist party.
2. We want to progress this move right now, starting with
this conference.
3. A commitment from affiliates to building the Socialist
Alliance through integration needs to be demonstrated, in
word and in deed.
4. Our multi-tendency socialist party should be as broad as
5. We accept and welcome a strong revolutionary socialist
stream as an integral part of our vision of a broad
Socialist party.
6. We need strong democratic structures to accommodate
7. We need a common socialist voice: in our platform, in a
national paper, and in our campaigns.

Moved: Conference asks that affiliates outline their
proposals and requirements for integration into a
multi-tendency socialist party within the framework of the
seven points.

The startling news (for some on these lists) is that some
poor DSP "Zinovievist" comrades have stayed up all night to
get out the last of seven Discussion Bulletins produced this
year. And this one (available with all the others from
<> ). These
bulletions (the Third Volume in just two years) carry lots
of uncensored attacks on the same "Zinovievists".

This lot of "Zinovievists" must have gone fuckin' nuts or at
least morphed into Masochistic Zinovievists.

Peter Boyle
peterb at

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